Research & Development

Research & Development

We offer contract R&D method development with results certified by third-party analytical labs.

We can put our background in fluid dynamics, mechanical engineering, chemistry, and extraction processes to work for you. When customers are faced with novel extraction requirements, recognize a need to develop the best methods, or simply want to see results with their own eyes, Applied Extracts is there to help.

We can help you determine:

  • best practices
  • the potential need for co-solvents
  • the best times, temperatures, and pressures to use for supercritical extraction
  • whether to employ supercritical vs. subcritical methods
  • novel mechanical designs and engineering

Getting Great Results

We aren’t afraid to walk with our customers through their start-up process. We have effectively demonstrated our results processing biomass as well as other materials, achieving documented results, creating higher yields, higher efficiencies, and higher profits. Our team is uniquely equipped to analyze:

  • novel methods for extracting essential oils
  • different methods for extracting terpenes
  • extraction of oils from unique materials

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