Leasing & Financing

Extraction System Capital Leases Available for Qualified Customers

Control your cash flow.

  • Starting an extraction process facility can be expensive.
  • In-put biomass isn't free either.
  • Controlling capital costs is a sure-fire way to help create a profitable business.
  • A capital lease is a great way to predict and control expenses.

Flexible Terms

Leasing offers qualified buyers a way to control cash and credit reserves. Applied Extracts has developed relationships with several qualified third-party lenders and commercial leasing companies. Typical leases can start from 10%-30% down, 24 to 48 month terms, and conclude with a simple buyout*.

This allows customers to:

  • Keep cash savings in reserve.
  • Keep capital expenses low.
  • Start-up quickly.
  • Create sustainable business plans.

Apply Today

Loans may also be available for start-ups and existing businesses.

We will be happy to help you look at the options available. We will help you put together and submit a lease application. Call or email us now.

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* Applied Extract, Inc. is not a lender. All customers and prospective buyers will be approved by third-party lenders. Terms above are for example only. Actual terms and conditions may vary and will depend on the credit and assets of the applicant. Applied Extracts, Inc. makes no promise or guarantee of approval or terms. Lease and loan applications are not a contract with Applied Extracts, Inc. Applied Extract, Inc. is committed to working with our customers, but makes no promise, guarantee, or commitment of lending / leasing services. Submission of a loan or lease application to a third-party lender implies no obligation of purchase to Applied Extracts, Inc. nor is Applied Extracts, Inc. obligated to the applicant to perform any service or provide any product.
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