About Us

Our Founder

Dr. James White, President and CEO

Dr. White earned his PhD in mechanical engineering from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in 2003. After MIT, Dr. White did post-doctoral research at California Institute of Technology. In 2004, he founded Active Spectrum, a company dedicated to government research and specialized scientific instrumentation. Initially his work centered around the development of novel nanotechnology and micro-fluidics. He started building supercritical CO2 extraction equipment for the legal, regulated industry in 2014. Between 2004 and 2016 he received 11 patents for a variety of technologies. In 2017 Dr. White created Applied Extracts, Inc., focusing his energy on creating state-of-the-art extraction and drying systems.

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Our Sales Team

Our sales team strives to provide our customers with the highest quality information in a straight-forwarded, no-nonsense way. In our steadfast dedication to our customers, we strive to make the purchasing process easy and understandable. With years of experience in capital equipment sales and installations, we are integral to the company’s success. Whether dealing with C-suite executives or independent small business owners, we will treat all customers with respect and courtesy, providing timely and informed responses to all inquiries.

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Gary Miertschin, Sales and Marketing Director

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Our Engineering

The Applied Extracts team is dedicated to designing, building, and commissioning high quality, leading-edge technology. Our team was involved in engineering and selling some of the first super-fast liquid CO2 extraction systems on the market today, revolutionizing the CO2 extraction process for the cannabis and hemp markets.

Applied Extracts has researched and selected the highest quality parts and materials for supercritical extraction. Our supply chain is well established, using top-of-the-line pressure vessel manufacturers, state-of-the-art liquid CO2 pumps, and UL/CSA listed controls. We have the proven ability to design and build extractors that extract oils quickly and efficiently.

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Our Mission

Applied Extracts helps maximize our customers' ROI through innovation, competitive pricing and reduced time to market.

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