Why Supercritical CO2?


Supercritical CO2 is simply the best way to extract essential oils on an industrial scale. CO2 is highly efficient, often able to extract > 95% of precious compounds and oils. In addition, supercritical CO2 has a number of other advantages:

  • CO2 costs far less than ethanol – only pennies per pound in bulk.
  • CO2 leaves no residual solvents – no risk of product contamination.
  • CO2 is clean and easy – no risk of contamination by pesticides, water, or other compounds.
  • CO2 is easy to maintain and store – no risk of fire or explosions.

Pay for results and get the most out of your investment. Don’t spend money on heavy excise taxes, costly infrastructure and fire protection, or special disposal fees.

Liquid Gold!

Liquid Gold

About Our Products


Designed and assembled in the United States using the highest quality materials and components, we apply our knowledge and skills to create high-efficiency supercritical extractors.

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We are leaders in the development of high-quality supercritical CO2 extraction machinery for use in the nutraceutical, additive, and ingredient industries. Our professional engineering team has an in-depth understanding of the extraction process and specializes in creating extraction systems. Whether your project involves extraction of essential oils, lipids, resins, dyes, food additives, biomass, or something else entirely, we've got you covered. What extraction problem can we help you solve?

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    It's About Trust
    In the world of Hi-Efficiency Supercritical CO2 Extraction Systems, there are a lot of brands competing for your attention. The truth is, when it comes to reliable, safe, FDA-approved results, you can’t afford to use anything less than safe, efficient, and reliable Oil Extractor Equipment. Whether you’re creating tinctures, essential oils or concentrates, you need the best Hi-Efficiency Supercritical CO2 Extractor Equipment on the market to do it safely. So why trust us? Here are just a few reasons why our equipment sets a new industry standard.
    About Us
    When it comes to serving a number of growing industries that depend on high-grade extraction, we’re at the cutting edge of CO2 extraction technology. With so many new businesses popping up all around California to meet new customer needs, we’re able to provide support and reliable guidance for the many burgeoning, tech-forward sectors that are placing high-pressure CO2 extraction systems at the forefront. If you’re someone whose business relies on high-tech, low-maintenance machinery that can safely and cleanly pump out high-grade product on demand, it’s in your best interest to invest in a machine that’s going to stand the test of time. Don’t let your business get left in the dust due to unsafe or untested equipment that can’t handle the pressures of the extract industry. Trust us to provide solutions and help your company grow quickly and safely to meet high consumer demands.
    Going Green
    We’re here to help businesses provide clients with safe, reliable methods of CO2 extraction. We’re also invested in maintaining a greener, safer planet. That’s why our machines are built with safety standards in mind. Each ASME-compliant machine can handle high-flow, high-pressure loads for different business needs. Our machines can take on small-batch capacities as well as large loads thanks to a 5,000psi and 4L/min flow load standard. We created our quiet machines to handle large extraction loads with lightning-fast precision. Our lab-verified time for the high-extraction setting on our machines is under one hour. If you don’t want to get left in the dust, investing in a high-grade, high-capacity machine is in your best interest.
    Getting approved doesn’t have to be hard. As many businesses sink their funding into acquiring the latest supercritical CO2 extraction machinery, attention to detail gets lost in the mix. We’re not interested in giving you access to equipment that won’t take your business where it needs to go. It’s not just about being able to serve the growing markets springing up around California quickly and comprehensively. In the extraction business, safety, reliability, and a commitment to green practices is becoming the industry standard. Using the most advanced technology available, we’re creating machinery that blows the competition out of the water. Just ask some of the MIT grads we’ve on-boarded to help us streamline the extraction process. Our machines stay clean, handle high volumes, and can be rented out to growing businesses at an affordable price. If you’re ready to lease or finance one of our high-pressure machines, reach out to ask for a quote.
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